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Speech of
Fr Józef Grzywaczewski
Rector of Polish Seminary in Paris

Last time we had a lot of impressions: the Mass on the 20th anniversary of the death of Father Popiełuszko, piano concert and the performance in the theatre of the Polish Catholic Mission in France.

 The performance remembered us the triple miracle which we experienced last time :

 The first one : Poland reached the liberty without any war! This is a bigger miracle when that of 1920. That time the Polish army defeated the Russians, there was a battle, on both sides there were many killed soldiers. We reached our liberty for a price much smaller.

 The second one : not only Poland became a free country, but all countries of former soviet block. It has changed the whole situation on the European continent.

 The third one : not only Poland became a free country, not only other countries left the soviet block, but the block itself  has disappeared!

 So, we have many reason to be happy and to be proud.

 In this moment a propose not do use the expression: <collapsing of the wall of Berlin> any more. This sentence seems to signify that the destruction of the east block has started  in Germany. No, it was not in Germany, it was in Poland! It is our country which largely contributed to the destabilisation the communist system.

 So, we did see a peaceful revolution. Yes, we “saw” such a revolution, but it does not mean that it has been made by itself. It was a miracle, but not without participation of many people.

 This revolution was possible because of the faith of Polish people. Our generation received the heritage of faith from older generation. I express our gratitude for the gift of faith to all who introduced us the Christian mysteries.

 Last time it was spoken a lot about Father Popieluszko. Of course this priest martyr deserves to speak about him. We respect him and we honour him, but …  not as someone exceptional, in this sense: while the whole society did not move, there was one who dared say the truth. Non.  We honour Father Popieluszko as a typical person, especially as a typical priest. We have to remember and testify: in that time there ware many priests engaged in the same activity. In eastern part of Poland it was Father Wszniewski who organized Masses for the country; there ware a lot of priests who went to the factories to be with the workers protesting  against the bed system. Now, I express our gratitude to all, priests and laypersons for their courage in that difficult time.








Fot. Maciej Sulczewski